Course Offerings & Policies

Course Selections and Changes

Students select their classes in spring with the clear understanding that the schedule created is final. Course selection and change policies are reviewed by counselors during articulation class presentations and during the review of articulation cards. It is repeatedly communicated during articulation that students are making final choices for the entire year. All students are provided opportunities to make changes until the close of school in June. Once school starts in September, the only student initiated change that will be made is if there is a scheduling error that was not corrected earlier.

Counselors, teachers, and clerical staff make every effort to schedule students in appropriate classes-classes that match the student's interests as well as satisfy district and state graduation requirements.

Class changes will be made only if an error in class scheduling or an inappropriate level placement is made. Class changes due to inappropriate level placement are teacher-initiated changes that come from the teacher's professional determination that the student's efforts in the class show that the student is inappropriately placed. Teacher-initiated changes do not come from student or parent requests.

Students are expected to remain in year long courses and not make changes at the end of the first semester because of poor or failing grades. Changing your mind about the classes you want does not constitute a scheduling error.

As a district policy, all students are required to take six courses each semester. However, here at SCPA, students in grade 6-11 are required to take seven courses each semester.

Extenuating Class Changes Withdrawal from a Class What You Should Know!

Class changes are not complete until the counselor signs and issues the student a new schedule. Students who do not attend classes listed on their individual schedule will be marked as absent and subject to the disciplinary actions stipulated in the Attendance Policy.

Schedule changes should not occur after the first two weeks of each semester.
A student who drops a course during the first six weeks of a semester may not do so without any entry on his/her permanent record card or his/her report card.
A student who drops a course after the first six weeks of a semester or who is dropped because of his/her behavior in class is detrimental to the welfare of the class may receive an F/U" grade on his/her permanent record. Documentation is the responsibility of the counselor and registrar. Administrative approval is required.
Petition to Drop a Class: A petition is required to drop or change a class for an academically sound reason, and must be requested from the counselor by the student.

This petition requires signatures of the student, parent, and teachers involved. The petition must also have the counselor's signature of approval (dropping and adding).

Course Catalogue

The California Education Code requires that the governing board of every school district prepare and keep on file for public inspection the courses of study prescribed for the schools under its jurisdiction" (§ 51040). The San Diego Unified School District responds to this directive by publishing annually the district Course of Study, K12. The publication results from collaboration between district curriculum subject-area departments, various instructional programs, the district legal office, and the Research and Evaluation Division of the Office of the Deputy Superintendent.

This year's edition of the Course of Study includes extensive revisions to the Physical Education section to integrate recently adopted state standards and options for physical education electives into the district's course offerings.

The Course of Study, K12 describes courses and instructional sequences adopted district-wide, as well as any district-wide pilot courses or programs. As in previous years, District Pilot and Site-Adopted Courses: A Supplement to the Course of Study, K12 (Item No. 3470), provides a centralized source of information.

To view the full Course of Study, visit the Articulation page.

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