Michelle Stewart

StewartMs. Stewart earned her undergraduate B.A. from San Diego State University and both her teaching credential in English and M.A. in English from National University.

Michelle has taught high school English for over twenty years and also has taught beginning theatre. Ms. Stewart believes that her greatest strength is in writing instruction. In addition, she also enjoys exploring the intersection of language, literature, and popular culture, and she encourages her students to do the same.

Ms. Stewart LOVES words and their ability to shape and transform the human experience. "No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world" (Dead Poets Society). She truly believes that "words matter" and that there is a limitless personal and creative power in truly mastering how we use our words to fully appreciate our potential as both individuals and as members of our wonderfully diverse society.

Ms. Stewart hopes to inspire her students to dream passionately and to provide them with some of the tools that they may use to help them achieve their dreams. She is super excited and honored to join the SDSCPA Community of learn and artistic visionaries!

Michelle velvets all students possess unique gifts and talents. Ms. Stewart values literacy and critical-thinking skills and knows that they are essential components of every successful future.

Ms. Stewart treasures spending time with her 12-year old, Micah, dancing to music, doing yoga, lifting weights, eating vegan, and reading of course! She also cherishes her furry friends, Macy (dog) and Babygirl (cat). Two of her favorite authors are Toni Morrison: "If you surrendered to the air you could ride it" and William Shakespeare: "The object of art is to give life a shape."

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